Update on In-person Church Services

In person services: Hey church family at Out of the Box, Mt Vale, and Savannah. First of all I want to say that Pastor David and I miss you all very much and we can’t wait to all be together again. Our number one goal is to care for you spiritually as well as physically so we along with the Holston Conference are doing our best to be diligent in doing all we can to make both of these things happen.

Today we want to let you know that we will meeting later this week with the leadership teams of the three church locations to talk about beginning outdoor but in person services.

We will be discussing how to do this safely and when to begin. We will be looking at choosing a location that is available to all 3 churches and also we will look at ways to continue the services we are already doing so this will be in addition to and not in the place of. We understand that some will choose to stay home and we honor that decision in these unsettled times.

If you will step up to help us make theses in person, outdoor services happen, please contact me through messenger, text, email, or by telephone today or Wednesday. We will be putting together several teams of people to help with all aspects of these services.

Pastor Ronnie