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All In – “The Law of Contentment”

March 10, 2014


In 2014 we are looking at what it means to be All In when it comes to Gods plan for our lives.
This series is all about what God says about money.
This is not a series all about giving to the church but it includes that.

It’s about being financially healthy.
It about freedom from debt.
And it’s about being blessed more than you ever imagined.


Myths and Lies – The Perfect Marriage

July 31, 2013


In this last installment from our Myths and Lies series, Pastor Ronnie addresses some common myths and lies what we believe about marriage. Marriage should never be a contract, it is a covenant between two people and God.  Our society has the complete wrong outlook on marriage and what it should be like.  Check out the video below to learn more.

Be sure to join us next Sunday at 8:45, 10:00 or 11:15 downtown Hillsville