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OOTBWC Community Creative Studio Events

February 22, 2017


“ Discover the Beauty in You”

March 1, 2017

5pm – 7 pm in the studio upstairs

Donna Godwin will be leading a creative workshop exploring the beauty of God’s Word within you.

This will be open to anyone who wants to discover God’s Truth within.  According to cognitive neuroscientist, Dr. Caroline Leaf, it takes 21 days to CHANGE a thought in our brain and 63 days to actually form a new habit.   It takes work and we all need help.  Meditating on the Truth of God’s Word within us is the key to begin this transformation.  The art we create will be based upon God’s Word and will be a tool to help you align your thoughts with the Word of God.   So, come!  Join me and we will make new discoveries about who we really are as we spend time creating together!  No experience needed!

We will need donations of 16 x 20 or larger canvasses, or bring your own-( available at Wal mart.)  Please contact Donna for more info. 276- 733-4763, message me on FB or email me at


“ Unlocking the Heart of the Artist” bible study by Matt Tommey

March 4, 2017

10 am – 12 noon

You can purchase this study on AMAZON.  We will begin at 10 AM sharp.

Bring your coffee, breakfast, book and sketchpad or journal for notes and doodles.  We will meet upstairs in the Community Creative Studio.

( no art experience needed.)

This study will help you discover the creative gifts that God has placed within you.  Everyone is creative in some way, shape or form and this study will help you think in a new way about creativity.

I will need help bringing two tables and about 10 chairs over to the studio space.  Please contact me if you can help.   Thank you!!!



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