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The Skinny on Fasting: Church Challenge 2013

March 9, 2013


I have offered to the OOTBWC an opportunity to fast together and seek God through humbling ourselves in a community Fast. We will begin at midnight tonight and break the Fast on Easter Sunday. I hope that you will join us in some way and that God will show you truths and blessings you never even imagined. 


Fasting is not about losing weight. However it is one of the nice side benefits and the health benefits are untold.

Fasting from things other than food is a great idea. However a fast from food is significant in the spiritual realm of humbling ourselves.

Fasting: Many people have lots of Excuses not to do it!

Fasting: There is no room for Legalism. You do as God leads you to fast.

Fasting: It’s not about getting praise from people.

Fasting: Some people do complete fasts, no food. Some do Juice fasts, some do Daniel fasts. It is between you and God.


no perfect people allowed (3)

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