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Message of thanks from Pastor Ty

September 21, 2012


Dear Church Family,
Our Homecoming Sunday, September the 16th, was indeed a church wide celebration. Rev. Ramon Torres’ message was truly inspiring and gave us all plenty to consider and to use in our walk of faith. I want to commend everyone who volunteered to assist in making this event possible. Those who decorated made the facilities, such as our Sanctuaries and our Fellowship Hall, beautiful for that day. The Hospitality Ministry Teams out did themselves in serving our meal in the Fellowship Hall. In the eight plus years that I have been serving at FUMC,I believe that was the most people we have ever served in the Fellowship Hall.
Every day since Homecoming, I have been contacted by people who wanted to share how much they truly enjoyed the fellowship and the meal. I was elated to see the mingling of so many people from both the Fulcher Street and Out Of the Box Worship Center sites. We all came together for the purpose of celebrating the continuing ministries of FUMC in our community. I encourage everyone to take advantage of the ministry opportunities both locations offer, as this strengthens our church body.
Homecoming came on the heels of Saturday’s RAMP event for young ladies. Misty Collins and her team of helpers, workers, and volunteers did an awesome job of organizing this event that taught Respect, Attitude, Modesty and Purity to 9th to 12th grade teen girls. What a turn out they had Friday evening, as adults and young people came together to prepare for the event. Then on Saturday, the actual day of the event, even more adults volunteered to assist in ministering to the large group of young ladies in attendance. RAMP, much like Homecoming, brought adults and youth together from both Fulcher Street and Main Street to serve together in bringing as many people as possible to God’s kingdom.
Many thanks to everyone for making that weekend such a special one for our entire church, as well as for the community.
Pastor Ty

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