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A Call To Fasting and Prayer

February 7, 2012


As many of you know, I started a 40 day fast on January 1st of this year and on Thursday evening I will break the fast. However, I intend to live a fasted lifestyle as part of the means of grace in my life to walk Spirit Filled.

I was blessed this past weekend when one of our members called me to say that God had placed it on his heart to continue the fast and to continue praying for our church. This gentleman will pick up when I break my fast on Thursday evening and fast for 10 days. He also shared with me that he feels that God has impressed on him that we as a church should continue this fasting and prayer through the remainder of 2012.

I am in awe of what God has done through this body already and I too believe this is a move of dedication and devotion in honor of our God. I can’t even imagine the miracles that God will do and how many of the 78% will come to know Him through this kind of dedication.

I am asking everyone to pray and seek God to see if He would have you participate in the fasting and prayer. We will have a calendar at the Worship Center this Sunday for people to sign up to say, “I will do a 1 day fast on a certain day or a 10 day fast, whatever it is that God is leading you to do. There may be more than one at a time, that would be awesome. I get filled up every time I think about this and I know a lot of others do as well.

This is a time for us to go back to the roots of our faith and just seek God with reckless abandon.

Who will join us?

Pastor Ronnie

By the way, there are lots of helpful hints on my personal blog about fasting. Just go to my site and search the term “Fasting” and there are many posts there. There is also a lot of great information on the web and there are a lot of great books on the topic. I have reviewed several of them on my blog.

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