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Thoughts, Videos, Pictures, FB & Twitter thoughts on Worship – December 24th & 25th, 2011 #ootbwc

December 26, 2011


Christmas Day 2011 is one that a lot of people will never forget. Not only will we never forget, it will cause December 25th, 2012 be even greater because we have seen God do miracles.

Between the two services we had 306 people in worship.

We had a lot of new faces, no doubt many were family members of our members visiting from out of town.

The music, the worship, communion, people joining the church, and all glory is His. It was good, it was one of those days that people didn’t want to see end. Thank you God.

Here are a few of the comments, videos, and pictures from the day.

@BrendaG074 Still thinking about how my favorite song of this Christmas was played at #ootbwc WITH a drumline. #pricelessmoment


@jeffreyjoe59: Wow!!!#ootbwc!

Rita Bolen Loved it! Powerful this morning!!!

We had 306 in worship in 2 Christmas services. #ootbwc God is still ALIVE

We gained 5 AWESOME new members downtown this morning. #ootbwc 51 new this year…wow

@BrendaG074 The Gods of this world will destroy you. The One True God sent His Son to give u the gift of eternal life. #ootbwc.

@BrendaG074 When God’s had enough of hearing you beg for what u want, He may just give it to you. Be careful of what you’re begging God for. #ootbwc

‎@BrendaG074 Where we spend our time, talents, emotion, & energy is where our worship is Commiting to be more mindful of my spending #ootbwc

@stephking67 Was that a Christmas sermon or the start of a revival? Way to go Ronnie! #ootbwc

 @mynameis_Kris Material gods will destroy us, but the one true God will build us up and never abandon us #ootbwc

@HokieBean The problem with America’s economy today? “We spend money we don’t have, on things we don’t need, to impress people we don’t even like.”

@airoler07 We worship a lot of different “gods” money, jobs, sex, drugs,and anything that takes away from the one true God. #ootbwc

@airoler07 Where you Spend your time and talent is how you will recieve your return on your investment…. Are you wasting both? #ootbwc

@mynameis_Kris Thanks to @ronnie24317’s sermon today, I’ll know where he is whenever he tweets something intelligent… #ootbwc

@airoler07 When God has finally had enough He will get your attention. #ootbwc

 @airoler07 Unhappy people can be those who didnt get what they Wanted and the ones that got what they Wanted think about it….#ootbwc

 @airoler07 The object of your worship will determine the level of your joy. #ootbwc

 @jhholderfield #ilovemychurch #ootbwc #bestchurchever #happybirthdayjesus #merrychristmas

@wrburcham Christmas at OOTBWC. #nobetterplace #ootbwc

@BrendaG074 Best Christmas morning EVER! #ootbwc drumline for Little Drummer Boy! WOW What gifts are we bringing our King? #ootbwc

@keithmusser Only at #OOTB will you have a drumline play Little Drummer Boy. I love my church! #ootbwc

Donna Godwin Passionate, bold and compelling!

@HokieBean “Jesus isn’t after your behavior; he’s after your heart.” @ronnie24317 @fumcoutofthebox #ootbwc

It was AWESOME Squared…and Only The Beginning…

By the way, a lot of people made a Bold statement that they are going to pursue the One True God, more than ever…

Pastor Ronnie


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  1. Mary Sutterby #
    December 26, 2011

    Absolutely wonderful service !

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