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Walk to Bethlehem! – Group Exercise Opportunity

September 29, 2011


Join others in your community as we walk the 6500 miles from Galax, VA to Bethlehem, the birthplace of our Savior! Our journey will begin on Sunday, 9/25 with hopes of arriving in Bethlehem the week of Christmas. We will have 12 “stops” along our journey. We will learn about other countries and their culture, their foods, and their ideas about health and wellness. Each week we will be in a different country. We’d love for you to go on this journey with us! Each week you will turn in your “miles walked” at the designated drop off. This is a community effort – 17 congregations and the employees of TCRH re working together to make it the 6500 miles. We are counting miles, so, get ready, get set….Let’s Walk!

20 minutes of exercise = 1 mile. Turn in your miles every week at OOTBWC or FUMC to help us reach our goal!

At OOTBWC you can turn your miles into April Iroler & Brenda Harmon. At FUMC its Cindy Barnes Joyce, Susan Clark, or Farrah Russell Vaughn. Miles can also be sent by email or fb. Also remember to check your “Walk” display area for weekly devotionals. Thanks!!

This is a really cool way to motivate us to exercise! For every 20 min of exercise that you do it counts as 1 mile. Each day that you exercise write down your “mileage” & turn your total in every Sunday until Christmas. We are trying as a group to reach 6,500 miles by Christmas. – Farrah Vaughn

For more information, contact our Faith Nurse, Farrah Vaughn at


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