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Thoughts on Worship Today: September 11th, 2011

September 11, 2011


Marathon Sunday – At least that is what it feels like.

My day started at 5am

Preached the 1st service at 830am 1st Hillsville

Preached the 2nd service at 930am Out of the Box Worship Center

Preached the 3rd service at 1030am 1st Hillsville UMC

Preached the 4th service at 1130am Out of the Box Worship Center

All of the services were great, each one was very different, each had its own blessings = How awesome is that.

The music was great in all of the services, you will have to be the judge of the preaching. We received 4 new members through Out of the Box Worship Center at the 9am service.

2pm, HUGE – I baptized Christopher and Conner Payne with the help of their dad and mom, David and Tammy.

We had a fellowship meal after the baptism and just spent time talking and laughing. Just great fellowship.

4pm Wytheville District Conference at West Galax UMC

6pm Stopped by “The Bridge” First Galax UMC New Downtown Youth Ministry – Led by Chris Luper

630pm Sunday Night Live at First Hillsville UMC


It was an awesome day, spent for the Lord. I mean I’m spent for the Lord…

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