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Our New Ministry Opportunity

August 22, 2011


First of all let me say what an Awesome experience it is to lead a congregation where people are excited and growing and where most of all the Holy Spirit is moving among us. Each week I am seeing more and more people have a life changing experience. Wow

Three of the last four weeks Out of the Box Worship Center has averaged 232 people in Worship Attendance, this is amazing and can only be explained as a move of God. As many of you know we have 2 worship services each Sunday morning, one at 9am and another at 1030am. The greatest number in attendance is at the 1030am service and there are many reasons for this.

Many of you have children and it just makes sense for you to come to the later service, my wife and children come to the later service because it is just easier to have more time to get the kids up and ready to come to church at the later hour. Again, there are many reasons why we choose to worship at a certain hour, I am just glad that you choose to worship and I am extremely blessed that you are being spiritually nourished and desire to return week after week.

Our number of first time guests each week remains strong. There are weeks when we see ten new people and there are weeks when we see as many as 20 new people who have been invited or have simply heard about the work that God is doing here and they have come to see what God is doing. Wow, I think I said this already and I will say it again, wow. That must be a theological word because I use it a lot to express what God is doing among us at 1st Hillsville UMC – Out of the Box Worship Center.

This brings me to our new ministry opportunity. 

It is obvious that the fastest growing worship time on Sunday is the 1030am service, three of the last four Sunday’s we have been down to about 25 seats in this worship service. This is so awesome! However, I believe over the next several weeks we have the opportunity of filling every seat in the 1030am worship service and then some. Awesome again.

There are many factors, school has begun and families have completed most of their vacation time for the summer so we are not only seeing many of our members on a more regular basis, we are also seeing more first time guests. The Fall Season is real close and typically church attendance is at its peak from late summer through Spring of the year. I believe that we will see our numbers swell over the next several weeks.

In order to prepare for this I want to ask those who are coming and being spiritually fed at the 1030am service to pray about attending the earlier service as a way to make room for more people to have a Life Changing Miracle Experience. Some may look at this and say, “this is pretty strong language”, Life changing, Miracle Experience?

Yes, as the pastor I can tell you that many people have come to Out of the Box Worship Center over the past 8 months and their lives have been changed. Marriages have been renewed, and families have been brought back together. People have found the healing power of Jesus Christ in many ways. People have found a first time relationship with Jesus Christ and several people have followed Him in baptism. This Sunday we will receive at least 5 new members and this puts us around 40 people who have joined in 8 months. Wow “there it is again”

I am not asking anyone to compromise anything you are doing in order to make this change. If 1030am works best for your family, by all means stick to the 1030am worship service. If your plans for the day are best suited for you to worship at 1030am then by all means stick with this service. I do not intend to discourage anyone in any way but to encourage us to greater growth and limitless possibilities. Pray and ask God if moving to the earlier service is something He would have you to do and if the answer is yes, we will see you at 9am, but if the answer is no, we will continue to see you at 1030am.

We do both worship services exactly the same way so don’t be concerned that you will miss anything. We have lots of ministry opportunities that would also allow you to worship in one service and serve in the next. We have ministry opportunities with ushers and greeters, hospitality, children’s ministry, sound and multimedia, and in the future in the praise team. Again, the opportunities are unlimited.

Pray and ask God how He would have you to be involved in the ministries of Out of the Box Worship Center and then let’s talk. Call me, text, facebook, or send me a twitter message.

I love being your pastor.

Pastor Ronnie

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