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Give the gift of Life Saturday August 6th

July 28, 2011


The American Red Cross will be conducting a blood drive on Saturday, August 6th between 10 AM and 2 PM atFirst United Methodist Church in Hillsville on Fulcher Steet..

 Blood donations are at a 12 year low and the need is CRITICAL for donation of ALL blood types. 

Giving blood can save lives!

If someone can not donate due to health issues, then they can call a friend and spread the word of the need.


           The American Red Cross is issuing an appeal for blood donors to roll up a sleeve and give blood right now           because there is currently a critical blood shortage across our nation. Many donors are busy or traveling, school is out of session and donations have dropped dramatically. 

In May and June, donations were at the lowest level the Red Cross has seen in this timeframe in over a dozen years, while demand for blood products remained steady. Because of that, the Red Cross needs blood donors now more than ever. All types are needed, but especially O negative, which can be used to treat any patient.

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