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Youth Mission Trip 2011 St. Simons Island Ga Round Up

July 14, 2011


Below you will see several pictures that were taken over the past 4 days. However, everything can’t be caught on camera. We have worked with The Salvation Army, which for those who are not aware, the Salvation Army is a spin off of Methodism many years back. We worked with Habitat for Humanity and cleaned the outside of 2 houses as well as the yard clean up of one other home that is almost finished.

Yesterday the leaders and youth decided we would give away our box lunches to the homeless and we asked at the Salvation Army where we could find people in need. We were told it wasn’t the best place for us to be and that we should be careful so off we went to deliver the meals to some very appreciative and needy people. That was one of the highlights of the trip for me.

Each night we have studied the Book of James and talked about “Faith without Works is Dead.” We will finish up our Bible Study time together by talking about the end of James along with the Life of John Wesley.

We are already dreaming and planning what we will do for our mission experience in 2012 and we have decided the 2012 trip will be more work with homeless people. Jesus said when you give to one of the least of these, you give it unto Jesus Himself and we like that.

We will Represent Jesus in our Walk of Faith.

Pastor Ronnie

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  1. Mary Sutterby #
    July 14, 2011

    Looks like your fun day was a real fun day ! You did a good job and got your reward at the end !

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