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You can have our lunch

July 13, 2011


Today the youth and leaders decided to give up our lunches in order that others might eat. In our Bible study last night we studied James Ch. 2. If you are not familiar with that text you should take a couple of minutes to read it. In James 2, we see that the writer says that faith without works is dead. Today we decided to “represent God” with our faith.

The place where we are staying has been packing us a box lunch each work day and we take it with us. Today we worked with habitat for humanity and we cleaned up a lot where a new house is being built. We pulled and cut weeds for a few hours and it was a hot sticky job. When we finished that we left and headed out to the Salvation Army where we worked with the homeless on Monday. We were told they sleep there at night but in the morning they have to leave and stay on the street all day, we wanted to know where they congregated during the day so we could give them another meal they otherwise wouldn’t have had.

We were told where we could find them and also that we should be careful as it isn’t the best place in town to hang out.

Sure enough when we got there there were people hungry just hanging out in the shade, it is near 100 degrees here in South Georgia. We told them what we had and they were so happy to receive it.

When we got back in the vans the teens said this is what we really love to do, can we give our lunch away again tomorrow.

Of course.

Fact is, we have eaten like Kings since we arrived at Epworth by the Sea.

Faith practiced (works) equals discipleship.

Pastor Ronnie



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  1. Mary Sutterby #
    July 13, 2011

    I am so proud of all of you ! You are really making a difference, there is nothing kinder you could do than feed a hungry person. W/O food it is really hard to just function enough to get yourself up and going during the day. So my hat is off to all of you for doing what you are doing !!
    Mary Sutterby aka Corynn Godwin’s grandmother

  2. July 14, 2011

    I am inspired!

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