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Alex Harmon Baptism May 29th, 2011 New River

May 29, 2011


When Alex came up out of the water, he was laughing. I believe it is the Holy Spirit at work in this young mans life.

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  1. May 29, 2011

    I am so blessed to be his Mom. Alex got the “Sense of Humor” award this year in the second grade. He loves to make people laugh. Later that night we were talking about Heaven and how we will have special work to do there. Alex said we have work to do here now. (!!) I asked him what he thought his work was-his first response was to be good at sports. I said “or maybe it’s to help people to laugh, like the award you got today”. His eyes lit up and he pointed at me as if to say “That’s it!” I remembered that conversation today when I heard his laughter. Children are truly gifts from God–every day we unwrap a little more of their character and help them discover their talents and channel all that energy into using them for God’s Glory. I’m amazed at my Heavenly Father’s Grace-I wish my Dad could have been here to see it-but I think he knows. Thank You for being a part of Alex’s special day and I know we have many Victories to Praise God today-Watching you and your Mom and Dad was a special blessing for me, too.

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