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The Holy Spirit like a Sailboat in the Wind

May 16, 2011


The Holy Spirit like a Sailboat

Holy Spirit is a person that is sometimes hard to explain and hard for people to understand. While I was studying for Conformation class with our youth of the church I ran across this description and I believe it fits better than anything I have envisioned so far.

When traveling by sailboat what determines your course?

(The Wind)

What role does the captain or operator of the sailboat play?

(Understanding and cooperating with the wind, Not fighting against it)

Does the wind sometimes take the boat where the captain or the owner doesn’t want to go?


How is the Holy Spirit similar to the wind working with the sailboat?

(The Spirit guides our path; it sometimes pushes us in directions we don’t feel comfortable going; it is easier to go with the wind than to go against it.)

Think about it…

Pastor Ronnie


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