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Don’t let the fire go out!

May 8, 2011


Guest Post form One of Our Most Recent Members

Donna Cato

To all our FB friends who are still thinking about what’s happening at OOTBWC, but haven’t made up their minds yet about coming to see what we’re all talking about . . . this message is for you!

An old country pastor went by to see one of his members one day who hadn’t been to church for a long time. They sat in front of the fire and chatted for awhile. Soon the pastor took a stick and fiddled with a coal until he pulled it out of the fire. Quickly the fire inside the coal began to lose it’s glow and soon turned completely gray. Then the pastor quietly slid it back against the other coals so it would regain it’s flame. The member said, OK OK pastor I get your point, I’ll see you on Sunday!

We need you to build our fire!

Don’t stay away, it doesn’t take long til your fire goes out!

God gave us all gifts to bring to His house and work collectively to build His Kingdom. We need you to be a part of His handiwork. Join us, the touch of the Master’s Hand can transform your life!

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