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“Get Outta Your Seat”

May 3, 2011


God is doing a GREAT work through the people of 1st UMC Hillsville – Out Of The Box Worship Center. After the sermon on Sunday morning multiple people are defining their BHAG.

Here is one of them and I pray that you will join Tonya in getting together, getting outta your seat, and inviting the community to our services.

Pastor Ronnie

Hi everyone. I have been considering this for a while and after Ronnie’s sermon Sunday I figured it’s time. I am going to need your help though..

My goal is this: One Saturday morning a month (every month)… to go out into the community as a team and invite people to church…

We are gonna call it the “Get outta your seat” ministry. I would like to get started as soon as possible so if you could pass this on to people on your buddy list I would greatly appreciate it.. We will start May 21st for our first one.

We will go out and invite them to church and to the Nica dinner that is going to be on the 22nd?

I will happily accept any ideas too.

Thanks everyone! :)

Tonya Williams


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