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No Perfect People Allowed

February 10, 2011


It has been brought to my attention that some people don’t understand our statement “No Perfect People Allowed”. I want to try to clear this up.

When we say there are no perfect people allowed at Out of the Box Worship Center, we mean that, other than Jesus, God, and the Holy Spirit. They are the only beings who were ever and still are Perfect. This in no way means that we believe people in other churches and church settings believe they are perfect. I think all churches understand they are not perfect. This is in no way a slam to other Christian bodies. This is an attempt to let people know who have never been to church, people who have been to churches and been judged or hurt, people who have the misconception that the church people believe they are prefect, this is an attempt to help these people and anyone else who believes churches believe they are perfect to know that we acknowledge through the ministries of First Hillville UMC and Out Of The Box Worship Center that we are far from perfect, we are forgiven and we are going on to perfection. That perfection will come when we meet Jesus in eternity.

God loves you, every one of you and we do too. There is nothing you have done that should keep you from church.

Pastor Ronnie

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