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Guest Post by Donna Godwin

February 2, 2011


Donnas Blog Art-N-Stuff

God’s story through a nursery mural


These pictures are from the nursery at OOTBWC.  The girls and I worked on the mural last weekend.  It was an awesome project to do together and we had a lot of fun envisioning the kids trying to sit on the clouds at the bottom of the rainbow!

Each part tells a story.


When we receive Jesus as our Lord and Savior we become a new creation in Christ.  Just like how a butterfly starts out as a caterpillar wrapping itself into a cocoon and then emerging as a beautiful butterfly-free and graceful to flit to and fro in God’s creation.  When we are wrapped up in Christ’s love we too emerge as a beautiful new creation-filled with grace, hope and love!  We spread it around wherever we go on God’s green earth!


God created the sun on the fourth day of creation and it brings the earth sustenance to help things grow.  It is also a reminder of Jesus Christ-who IS our light day and night and with Him in our lives we shine bright!

Stars and Clouds

God placed the stars in the night sky and He knows where each and everyone of them are-just like he knows the hairs on our head.  He also tells His story in the stars when we look up at night and for me the stars are a reminder of God’s great love for us.  They light up the night sky one by one and I like to think of each star as one of us-lighting our area for Christ.  He IS the Light of the world!  He was ushered into the world by a bright star and that star was a guide for all the world to know that He was born!   A baby.  A nursery.  A Savior.  Salvation is near and it’s story is on the walls of our nursery.  Please take a moment to pray over the nursery, the babies and the parents.  There will be some who need to know that Jesus is right there ready to scoop them up and wrap them in love-just like we do the babies.  New creations in Christ.

The clouds hold the water that gives the earth life just like Jesus gives us a refreshing drink of His Living Water!

God’s Promise

The rainbow

God placed a rainbow in the sky after the flood in Genesis.  Why?  It is a sign of God’s Promise-that a flood will never destroy the earth again.  He makes this promise with every living creature on earth-including you and me.  God is a promise keeper and the rainbow is a sign of that promise.

The obedience of our church through bringing the Worship Center to downtown Hillsville is also a sign of God’s promise.  When we obey-He works wonders!  He has brought more people into his fold than I ever imagined in a short period of time.    Not just here-but all over.   Let’s give praise and glory to God, our Heavenly Creator and First Love!

I hope you will visit soon!


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