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New Life Group Offering: Experiencing God

January 9, 2011


Tony and Amy Carico will lead the Life Group: Experiencing God for Out Of The Box Worship Center

This is one of those life changing Bible studies that everyone should take advantage of. I have been through this as a member and as a leader and it is life changing every time. More information will be available on Sunday morning for meeting time and place.

I am excited.

Pastor Ronnie

Experiencing God was my life message. This is how I had always understood and walked with God. This is how I had pastored and guided God’s people. I had shared these truths in many places where I was asked to speak. Over and over again people asked, “Have you ever written anything on what you are teaching? God’s people need to hear these truths.” God gave me the opportunity to put this message in writing in what is known as Experiencing God: Knowing and Doing the Will of God.Since 1990 God has used this study to touch and change millions of lives and thousands of churches around the world. At the tenth anniversary more than three million copies of the workbook had been distributed, and God was using other Experiencing God resources as well. The workbook is now published in 47 languages and has been used in almost every denomination. We are amazed that God, in His mercy and grace, would use such a modest work by ordinary people! He has chosen to grant His favor on His truth expressed in this study.

We have been overwhelmed by the response to the truths shared in Experiencing God. So many lives have been radically changed–in prisons; in the military; and in all walks of life, including lawyers, judges, CEOs, professional athletes, and politicians. Thousands of churches, high schools, colleges, and seminaries have been greatly helped and radically changed. God has used these truths to affect people around the world, including leaders of countries, government officials, and diplomats. Hundreds of missionaries are on the field of the world because of this study, and hundreds of others are now serving as pastors, evangelists, and faithful servants. Only heaven really knows how God has chosen to use Experiencing God.

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