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Construction office? I think not

January 9, 2011


Guest Post by Brandon Winesett

I’ve never been a morning person in any way shape or form, but tomorrow, I will be.  tomorrow is Sunday.  I’ll wake up, throw on some clothes, jump in my jeep, and make my way to Main Street in Hillsville.  I’ll find a place to park,  and hurry from my vehicle into the warmth of the old Dixon Construction office.

Inside I’ll find not only a warmer place to be, but warmer people.  The kind of people who are thrilled to see you, even (and especially) if they’ve never met you in their entire life.  I’ll be offered coffee or hot chocolate and encouraged to make my way deeper into the building towards the ever-growing sounds of music and laughter.

My journey will lead me into a room filled with dozens of chairs, dozens of smiling faces, and the presence of someone none of those faces can see.  There will be people from all walks of life greeting each other happily, just like old friends.  Social barriers will be broken, and all judgement put aside, as everyone’s attention is drawn to the front of the room.

I’ll find a seat among my closest friends, a group of “misfits” that have found a place they belong together.  The lights will dim and the band will hit the stage…..

Tomorrow morning, at 9:30, I’m going to the new Out Of The Box Worship Center.  A place where perfect people are forbidden, and an open heart is the only thing you have to bring along.  No dress code, no cover charge, no fancy windows, and no dusty choir books.  Just real people, a real worship experience, , a real purpose, and a real God.

Now I’ll bet you’re probably thinking something along the lines of, “Oh great, another group of people to tell me how to live my life.” or maybe, “I’ve been down this road before, and I’m not going back to Fire-and-Brimstone-ville.”  Well I’m writing this to tell you that’s the complete opposite of what’s happening at 516 North Main Street.  What is happening, is a gathering of people who are passionate about the God they serve, and who are working on a “fresh start” together in Christ.

I could type on for days and not run out of things to say about this place.  It’s an experience one can only understand by seeing it first hand.  So please, come and be a part of something awesome in Carroll County.  Come and join myself and others in having a “fresh start” with a Saviour like no other.




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  1. godw1nz #
    January 9, 2011

    wow-God never ceases to amaze- He is bringing talent out of the woodwork! Awesome post! Bless your obedience BW!

  2. beth #
    January 9, 2011


  3. Mary Sutterby #
    January 9, 2011

    I love your passion for this new church, I believe I have heard about your speaking. I am Donna Godwins mother. God bless you and OOTBox Worship Center.

  4. Judy #
    January 11, 2011

    Hi Brandon – awesome post ! I am so excited that you and the misfits found their way to the OOTB and now to the new worship center! It truly is amazing to see how our church is growing and we are blessed to have you and the others among us. Keep up the good work!

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