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Launch Day – 118 Worshipers

January 5, 2011


Guest Post by Donna Godwin

Good Morning!   We had an awesome turnout for our first service yesterday- 118!  Interestingly enough that was the same number of people we had on Christmas Eve!  Although I have to say not the same people!  Yesterday’s service was filled with faces that I had never seen before and that is proof that God is up to something!   I was pleasantly surprised at all the new faces coming through the door.  I don’t know why I am surprised because our God is a God of amazement!   I also went to the 11 am service at the “mother” church on the hill and I saw many new faces there also.   God is busy gathering people from all walks of life to join His family at First United Methodist Church.  I am ever thankful for His hand upon the life of our church, our district and our conference.  Thank you Lord!

Here are some photo’s to mark the days events!

Empty…but not for long!

Ms. Patti and Ms. Lora!


Jeff, Laura and Jay with Meg Taylor-our District Superintendent.  Thanks for coming Meg!!

New faces and friends!

Mama’s and babies!


Young and old!

The kickoff!  The band in action….


More new faces a lot’s of kiddo’s!


Meg, consecrating the building with an anointed prayer.  Thank you Lord.



Hannah and Lora with their I-PAD!  I love it!  If you have internet capability on your phone or other device you can download the YOU VERSION of the bible app!  More on this later.


The precious children in the nursery…

Tiny hands playing together.  God knit them together beautifully!


A FRESH START by Pastor Ronnie!


Hannah Terry- our first member to join OOTBWC!  Way to go God!


Our  joyfully anointed worship Leader- Jay Holderfield


Arms raised in praise!  What a way to start the New Year!



And one of my favorite pictures- Ms. Debbie just a grinnin’ as she praises God!  So glad to see you Deb!


Stay tuned for more!

Thanks be to God!

Thanks to all who made this day possible!

In Christ,




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