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Fresh Start

December 28, 2010


Have you ever wanted a “Fresh Start” or a Do Over? I know I have.

So many times we get going down the road of life and when we stop to breathe we realize that the dreams we once had, well they just haven’t panned out the way we had hoped.  This isn’t just the case for those of us who are out of high school and college, it is also true of those still in school. In today’s world things are very different than they were when I was a teenager. Let’s face it, the times have changed, heck they don’t seem at all as simple as they did when I was a teen. My biggest decisions were which night I was off work and could cruise the Strip in town where all the youth hung out.

Life is so full of decisions and choices and so many times we make choices that at the time seem like they hold a great future and when we get there, we really wish we could do that over. I have been there so many times and it hurts pretty bad at times. Not only does it hurt, it affects our lives now. Sometimes those decisions we made way back when are controlling our lives now.

Would you like a Fresh Start?

Join us on Sunday Morning January 2nd @ Out Of The Box Worship Center and we will start a series together called “Fresh Start.” I will share messages based on this topic for the entire month of January and maybe even beyond. Wow, what if we talked about a Fresh Start for the entire year, 2011. We may just be on to something here.

See you at 9:30am this Sunday morning and every Sunday in January as we make a Fresh Start Together.

Pastor Ronnie


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