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Divine Rhythm 2011

December 11, 2010


Contact Laura @

Divine Rhythm is an awesome time of worship, fellowship, and just plain fun. Misty and I along with Ray and Laura attended last year and we had a blast. We are planning to return again this year. If you are between the ages of 18 and 35, we would like for you to go with us. Singles, couples, everyone is invited. You can e-mail Laura who is rounding up this trip and let her know of your interest.

Check out the Divine Rhythm website here

Our worship leader is Casey Darnell.

Casey Darnell


Casey Darnell is a passionate worship leader of Northpoint Community Church and their 3 campuses in the Metro Atlanta area.  He considers it a privilege to be able to lead others in worship both at the local church and in other parts of the world.

Singing, writing songs and leading people in real worship to a very real God has been a large part of his life over the last decade now, and he desires to create an atmosphere of freedom where people can experience God in a real way! Casey’s voice and lyrics are being used by God to ignite in this generation a passion for the kingdom and to effectively find ourselves coming to life in a story so much larger than our own and seeing the glory of our creator alive in us as we live out our worship.

“It is my hope to see our generation continuing to be the hands and feet that God has called us to be…taking our songs and living them out in our everyday lives, this is what the world needs to see and is what will show them He is alive & living in us!”

“There have been a lot of lyrics thrown heavenward over the last decade at an ever-increasing rate as worship songs continue to grow…and though we could never write enough songs to contain our God, we must realize that it is when our lives match the lyrics and we are putting our “words in motion” that we are truly worshiping!”

So with a new record out titled, “Words in Motion”, he has been spending a large part of his time traveling and leading worship, as well as writing songs for the local church and seeing God do some incredible things in the lives of His people!

Though he believes the calling on his life is to lead worship and engage those he leads to the heart of a loving God, he would say his first ministry is that of his family with his wife and daughter.

“I am never leading worship greater than when I am serving, leading and loving my family!”





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