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Preview Launch Canceled due to an act of God

December 6, 2010


As you know, the first preview launch service scheduled for December 5th was canceled due to a snow storm. Now, there is no doubt this is an act of God. There is no doubt that God gave us the seasons and with the seasons comes the rain, snow, sunshine and clouds. I just believe that we are in the winter season and snow happens.

However, someone said to me the following. “Maybe God just wants us to have a finished building with carpet and everything in place” to which I replied. “No, I believe that God gave us an extra week because we need to draw closer to Him.”

It is ironic that my message was set to go over the fact that we are so busy in everyday life that we oftentimes forget God, especially with the commercialized season of Christmas. But the fact is, we have been so busy getting Out Of The Box Worship Center ready for us to have worship that I have failed to draw closer to Him.

Yes, the pastor has failed when it comes to drawing closer to His Creator. But the fact is, God has given me another week to get this thing right. I believe the following thought comes from God. As I was on the treadmill yesterday I had this thought. “I don’t care if we have 5, 50, or 500 people in worship, I just want those who God has prepared for such a time as this. I have been busy trying to make sure everything is ready for a crowd and I have forgotten that God is the one who draws the people. I just have to prepare and wait on Him.

That is what I am doing this week, drawing closer to Him!




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  1. godw1nz #
    December 6, 2010

    my thoughts were along these lines too. We’ve ALL been too busy! Praying…

  2. Janet #
    December 6, 2010

    I love the snow. I know it can mess up our plans etc., but when people are complaining about it, I tell them that I think it is God’s way of making us slow down.
    He is communicating with us and we ignore it or see it as a thorn in our sides. He knows best and he brings the snow when it is his time and for our good, because He created ALL things for GOOD. Thanks for your post.

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