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Nursery Update for OOTB Worship Center

December 2, 2010


Submitted by Donna Godwin

The Wytheville District made a gracious donation toward supplies for the nursery at the new worship center downtown.  This past week  some of our Launch Team went shopping for some nursery items for OOTBWC nursery.  Here is what they found!

Colorful, bright and fun table and chairs for the kids to sit at.  They are so cute I want to sit at them!  Easy to clean and care for since they are made of formed plastic.  They remind me of “cartoon” furniture.    The little box seats are also storage as the seat comes off and items can be placed inside.

I can see and hear the children coloring, laughing and playing as they learn about their best friend-Jesus!   I can also see little hands and fingers discovering the joy of God’s Creation and PAINT!  I can’t wait!!!!

A table and seats that can be adjusted to height.

“Wallies…”  These are stick on decorations for the walls.  They are toooooo cute!  Very colorful and fun!  They can be easily removed without harming the wall.

These are just a few of the items that were purchased and I wanted to share our excitement with you as we see God’s plan coming together.   It really is amazing to watch!

Last week the walls came down and this week the walls are going up in different places.  The nursery walls are up and it actually looks like a room now!  We are ALL so excited!  The ceiling is going in, stage is being readied for praise and worship and sawdust is everywhere!  Pastor Ronnie says that like the worship center-we are all a work in progress.  So, come and join us on Sunday!  Our first preview service is at 9:30 am.  Come as you are!  We will be there with smiles on and arms open wide!  No dress code and no perfect people allowed!

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