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National PornSunday

November 18, 2010


It is our desire at Out Of The Box Worship Center to confront the issues that so many Christians as well as those not connected to a church are facing every day. We live in a world that is addicted! Addiction takes many forms and porn is one of them.

Plan to join us at Out Of The Box Worship Center on February 6th, 2011 for National PornSunday

To learn more about how your church can be involved click here xxxchurch_PornSunday_Get Involved



Contact: Ronnie G Collins

Out Of The Box Worship Center 516 Main Street Hillsville VA


P.O. Box 400758

Las Vegas, NV 89140



Out Of The Box Worship Center JOINS HUNDREDS OF OTHER


On February 6, 2011, Out Of The Box Worship Center talks porn.

Itʼs the Sunday of

the “Big Game” and this year has put together an explosive

program for churches to address the issues surrounding pornography. founder Craig Gross and a few players from the NFL will lead

this event via virtual simulcast that will be played all over the world this weekend.

With Youtube, Paris Hilton and the Girls Next Door, porn has become Americaʼs

new entertainment. With divorce, lost jobs and sexual dysfunction, pornography

is fueling a new breed: the porn generation.

“The American church doesnʼt need the “sex talk” it needs “the porn talk,” says

XXXchurch founder and pastor Craig Gross. Pornography accounts for 23% of

retail sales on-line. 54% of pastors admit to struggling with online pornography.

40 million people visit porn sites daily. “We have to respond to this devastating

problem. We are sick of watching people lose everything to porn,” says Gross.

“We have a national day of prayer and a national day of fasting, the church needs

a national day of porn, with direct and honest talk about the issueʼs surrounding

pornography, we have to get accountable.”

Porn revenue is larger than all combined revenues of all professional football,

baseball and basketball franchises. Pornography accounts for 70 billion dollars a

year worldwide. 13 billion dollars here in the United States. 30% of unsolicited email

contains pornographic material.

Americaʼs dirty little secret gets a voice on February 6th, 2011.

Please call 276-728-0020 or email

check out


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  1. November 18, 2010

    So excited that Out of the Box Worship Center is joining us (XXXCHURCH) in National Porn Sunday this year! It is obvious by your participation that you are passionate about your church and your community!

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