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E-Newsletter for Out Of The Box Worship Center

November 15, 2010


Out Of The Box Worship Center will not have a printed Newsletter. However we will do two new things in order to get the news out. We will begin immediately with an E-Newsletter to all who sign up to say that you would like to receive via e-mail a regular E-Newsletter. Here is the e-mail where you can sign up

Cathy Sizemore will be the author of this E-Newsletter and will gather information that is placed on the blog and other news items as they happen.

Cathy will also send a monthly article to 1st Hillsville UMC to be included in the print publication of The Messenger.

Here are a couple of things we are already doing and will continue that will keep you updated on a daily basis and many times hour by hour. We have a facebook page we hope that you will join this site and receive daily updates and notices of things that interest you.

We also have the blog at that you can check on a regular basis or be added to a list that will send you daily updates to the blog.

All of this is being done so that you can be informed. The news of Out Of The Box Worship will find you once you take a couple of steps to added to our list of interested parties.


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