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Out Of The Box Worship Center is just weeks away from Launch

October 12, 2010


What is OOTB Worship Center?

Our church (First United Methodist Hillsville) is reaching out to those who don’t feel comfortable in a traditional church setting so we are thinking “outside of the box” and offering a place to come and worship in an old storefront.  We are a multi-site church of 1st Hillsville UMC and OOTB Worship is located at 516 North Main Street in Hillsville.

Starting January 2nd 2011, Services will be held weekly from 9:30 – 10:30 am.


What can you expect to find at Out Of The Box Worship Center?

Biblical Teaching

From our Pastor:  It is my burning desire to study scripture, not from a Methodist, Baptist, Presbyterian, Charismatic, point of view but from the point where God was coming from. Scripture is alive, it is active, and it is powerful. I want to know what God’s Word teaches and I want to share that with the World, or at least the people in my area who are hungry to know about God and His teachings.

If you come to Out Of The Box, you will hear from God’s Word and there will be Scripture to back it up. I will not teach man’s tradition, I will teach from His Word. We will study and grow together. The Bible has the Words of Life and we live in times when most people struggle to live, even the Christians.

If you are not connected with a church and you are hungry to learn about the One who Created you, come and check us out.  I can’t wait to meet and get to know more about you.

Contemporary Music
Each week there will be a live band leading in worship.  Jay Holderfield, a local teacher at Grayson County High School, is our worship leader.

Relaxed Atmosphere- “No Perfect People Allowed”
If you don’t feel comfortable in a traditional church setting, we hope that you will come to love OOTBWC and feel a part of the family of God.  You don’t have to wear a business suit to worship God, whether you are in a suit, blue jeans, shorts and a t-shirt, we want you to feel welcome.  The preacher will also be in blue jeans and a T-shirt.


Contact Information or Links for Updates:
Ronnie G. Collins, Pastor
Phone: 276-728-0020             fb:
blog site: and


Contact me and lets talk about what your hopes and dreams are when it comes to studying the Bible and understanding what God wants and expects from people. But not just that, lets talk about the fact that God loves YOU!

Pastor Ronnie

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