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Biblical Teaching at Out Of The Box Worship Center

September 30, 2010


For those of you who do not know me and have not heard me teach the Bible, this is an introduction.

I have been teaching the Bible in some form, such as Sunday School, Youth Groups, Preaching, etc… for more than 20 years. I wasn’t raised in church but was taken to church various times as a youth with friends. All of those church visits as a youth were to Baptist Churches. My mom and grandparents were Primitive Baptist, so I had some exposure to that denomination as well.

When I was 14 or 15 years old I started going to a Baptist church and actually made a profession of faith in Christ. I will be honest and say that this was part of my Spiritual Journey but I didn’t understand much at that time about the Bible. I stayed in that church for a year or more and then at 16 years of age started working almost every weekend and that was basically the end of my church attendance.

At the age of 21 I had a co-worker ask me repeatedly to visit his church home and finally I did and I have been in church since that time. It too was a Southern Baptist Congregation. It was at this church where I felt the call of God on my life to preach, it was also at this church that I made the decision to be baptized.

I was licensed to preach in that Southern Baptist Congregation and did preach in many places over the next several years.

I went on staff as a part-time youth pastor in a Southern Baptist Congregation where I served in that capacity for several years and I eventually moved my membership to a Non-Denominational church that was of the charismatic persuasion and I was their Youth pastor for about 3 years.

Again, all of this is part of my spiritual journey. A lot of the teaching that I sought out and learned so much from during all of these years was through a Presbyterian Pastor in Key Biscayne Florida by the name of Dr. Steve Brown. I love this guy and he has taught me so much about the Bible and about the grace and love of God.

For the past 9  years I have been in the United Methodist Church and I will be Ordained as an Elder in Holston Conference in June of 2011, Lord willing.

I did my undergraduate work at Liberty University in Lynchburg Virginia, mostly through their distance learning program and I did my Masters work at Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary in Charlotte North Carolina. I love both of these schools and I recommend them both, they are teaching the Bible and many United Methodist Students can be found at both places.

I came to the United Methodist Church after much searching and struggle with where it was that God could use me and where I fit the best theologically. After getting familiar with the UMC and reading the United Methodist Book of Discipline, and yes I read it cover to cover. I determined through much prayer and seeking God that this is where I am supposed to serve. I believe that we have the greatest platform and the greatest opportunity of any denomination to reach the World for Jesus Christ. There is much debate and heated disagreements in the UMC as in every denomination about certain issues but after reading the Discipline I can say there is nothing there that I disagree with. It is the church law that we agree to abide by and support as United Methodist Clergy. It bothers me that some clergy work against the Discipline and seem to be allowed to after saying that we will abide by what is there but the fact remains that I agree with the churches teaching and theological stance.

I know this is getting long so I will hurry.

My biggest frustration is that so many people who have been in church all their lives know so little about what the Bible really teaches. Therefore, what is not true but heard, or taught gets spread generation after generation and really without much question.

It is my burning desire to study scripture, not from a Methodist, Baptist, Presbyterian, Charismatic, point of view but from the point where God was coming from. Scripture is alive, it is active, and it is powerful. I want to know what God’s Word teaches and I want to share that with the World, or at least the people in my area who are hungry to know about God and His teachings.

If you come to Out Of The Box, you will hear from God’s Word and there will be Scripture to back it up. I will not teach man’s tradition, I will teach from His Word. We will study and grow together. The Bible has the Words of Life and we live in times when most people struggle to live, even the Christians.

I am excited. If you are not connected with a church and you are hungry to learn about the One who Created you, come and check us out.

I am posting Three Minute Thursday Video’s starting today and starting next week I will post a Bible Study each Wednesday by video for you to understand more of what the Bible has to say.

I can’t wait to meet and get to know more about you.

Pastor Ronnie

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