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Finances: How will the Finances of Out Of The Box Worship Center be handled?

September 14, 2010


Question: How will the finances of Out Of The Box Worship Center be handled?

Answer: The same way finances are handled at the 1st UMC Fulcher Street Site

All offerings that come in to the Out of the Box Worship Center will come to the 1st Hillsville UMC Fulcher Street site and deposited along with the offerings that come direct to the Fulcher Street Site.

We will have a shared budget, shared bank account, and shared accounting system.

No monies are ever handled by the pastoral staff of either location. In my opinion,this is a good policy to have. We never count the money that comes in, we do not serve as ushers, we do not write checks. We simply do not handle the money. This is done through the Finance Committee that serves both locations.

The Grant Money that we will receive, will be placed in a separate account by recommendation of Finance and approval of church council. This is a book-keeping issue and has to do with accounting to Holston Conference for the way the money is spent. Again, no pastor has any contact with the grant money, there is no difference in the way this money is handled and the offerings that are received.

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