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Communication between 1st UMC Hillsville and Out Of The Box Worship Center

September 14, 2010


As you know, 1st UMC Hillsville and Out of the Box Worship Center are one church in two locations. You may also know that this is new for all of us. This is the first time that 1st UMC Hillsville has ever birthed a ministry exactly like a new worship center.

However, we have lots of experience in birthing new ministries. Out Of The Box Youth Ministry was launched 2 years ago on Main Street in Hillsville and is the Youth Ministry that will serve 1st UMC Hillsville in both locations, 225 Fulcher Street and OOTB Worship on Main Street.

Then there is the 8:30am worship service that was launched at 1st UMC Hillsville on 225 Fulcher Street 2 years ago. And most recently we have launched out and started a Sunday School Class at a local retirement home/assisted living facility.

We have experience in launching new and innovative ministries.

In this endeavor as well as all ministries as well as business, communication is key.

I had full intentions of populating a bulletin board at the Fulcher Street site of 1st UMC to post updates of what is happening at the OOTB Man Street site and last night at Church Council that came as a request.

That request has been fulfilled today. The bulletin board in the Fellowship Hall at the Fulcher Street site is populated with the latest newspaper article as well as all of the blog updates pertaining to the new site, along with a few pictures of the building that has been leased. We will make frequent updates to the bulletin board in order to let the folks who do not use the internet, see the progress that is being made.

If you have questions or comments, feel free to leave them here.


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