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What is the Design Team for Out Of The Box Worship Center

August 20, 2010


This group will make lots of decisions.  In order to get the work done and to launch this ministry quickly, they must be able to make efficient decisions, and have the nimbleness to revisit decisions occasionally without a lot of fanfare or meetings.  This is essentially, a management team.

They are empowered to create other work teams and ministry teams as they see fit – not policy-making committees, but teams of folks to work and get ministry done – in visitor follow-up, worship planning, coffee/refreshments, children’s ministry and building/equipment issues.

Design Team members are chosen in consultation with the senior pastor and administrative council chair.  This is a team that the planting pastor will chair.

They will exist for a season, and later morph into more of a standing committee, formed and populated in conventional ways.

They are accountable to Holston Conference for the stewardship of the Grant awarded, to a team of two coaches provided by Holston Conference, to the Administrative Board and Trustees of Hillsville, in terms of any monies that the latter choose to invest in Out of the Box  Worship Center.  Further the planting pastor is accountable to the SPRC to the senior pastor and to the district superintendent.

The team members approved by Church Council Vote are as follows:

Sr. Pastor – Ty Harrison

Planting Pastor – Ronnie G Collins

Council Chair – Oliver McBride

Lay Leader – Sue Ward

Jeff Scott

Frank Carter

Lora Terry

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