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How many people will leave 1st Hillsville to help start “Out Of The Box Worship Center”?

August 20, 2010


Answer: unknown

This is a hard question to answer because at this point the number of people who will feel led to go to the new worship service is unknown.

We are looking for 25 to 30 people who are part of 1st United Methodist Church who feel that God has called them to go and help start a new work to reach the people in Carroll County who are not part of a church anywhere.

In other words, has God put it on your heart to go and help. Everyone who comes to me and lets me know you feel led to go will have a job to do. We will discuss where you feel called in the ministry of Out Of The Box and we will together discover where it is that God wants you to serve.

If God is speaking to you, please speak with me.

This does not mean that we will tell anyone who wants to come that they cannot, we are open to all. The point of the matter is as follows. If you are growing in your relationship to Christ at 1st Hillsville UMC and God has not spoken to you about making the change, then don’t feel like you need to make a change. If you are being used in a ministry at 1st Hilsville and people’s lives are being changed and you feel the need to continue in that capacity, then don’t make a change.

In the end there may be more than 25 or 30 people counting children of the adults who come. I would never consider worshiping at one site and leaving small children outside my personal care as a parent.

Is God speaking to you about being a missionary in your own community?

If so, lets talk about what the needs are and see if you still feel that God is calling you to make a change.


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