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Has a Worship Leader been chosen for Out Of The Box Worship Center?

August 20, 2010


Answer: Yes

With a recommendation from the planting pastor and the further recommendation of the Design Team, Jay Holderfield has been chosen as the Worship Leader of Out Of The Box Worship Center.

Jay says,

In the past few years God has blessed my life beyond anything I could have ever imagined.  First off, in the summer of 2009 God blessed me with an amazing wife named Suzanne.  I thank him every single day for bringing her into my life.  Music is something that I have always had a passion for, and for the past 3 years I have been fortunate enough to be able to use that passion and play guitar and sing in the praise band at FUMC Hillsville, SouledOut.  I have played guitar since I was 14 and have been singing just as long.  I grew up playing in several different bands, but it wasn’t until I started playing with SouledOut that I felt like I was using what God had given me in the way he wanted me to.  I’m excited about what God has done in my life, and I’m even more excited about what he has in store!

Sr. Pastor, Ty Harrison, Planting Pastor, Ronnie G Collins, and 1st Hillsville’s Worship Leader, Cindy Jackson are in agreement that Jay is the person God has prepared for this work and we are excited about the future of the SouledOut Band as well as the band that will form at Out Of The Box Worship Center.




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  1. godw1nz #
    August 20, 2010

    AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve got chill bumps!!!!!!!!! You go GOD!

  2. godw1nz #
    August 20, 2010

    Having seen and heard Jay in action at SNL it is obvious that he is the right choice for this most important leadership position. God has placed HIS heart inside of Jay’s and Jay has been obedient in listening and responding! I thank God for Jay and Suzanne! I’m sooooo excited!!!

  3. Kim #
    September 6, 2010

    Jay is an awesome addition to the OOTB team.

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