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Will there be Sunday School offered at Out Of The Box Worship Center?

August 19, 2010


Answer: No

There is no plan for Sunday School to be offered at Out Of The Box Worship Center. However “Life Groups” will be offered. Some people refer to these groups of people as “Small Groups”.

Every person who attends worship at the OOTB Worship Center will be encouraged to be involved with a “Life Group”. These will be led by different people who attend OOTB Worship Center and these leaders will be mentored by the planting pastor.

Question 2

What about the youth who currently attend the 10am Sunday School @ OOTB Youth, will they not be offered a Sunday School.

Answer: Those youth who currently attend OOTB Youth for Sunday School will do one of two things. If they feel called of God to attend the new worship service, then they will be folded into a “Life Group”. They can choose along with the leader to meet any time that is good for them. That could be at 8:30am or 11am on Sunday morning. That could also be on an evening during the week. It will be a choice that the leader and the youth will explore when the time comes.

Those youth who do not feel called to attend the new worship service will continue to have Sunday School at Out Of The Box Youth at 10am on Sunday Mornings.

Here is a great article from The United Methodist News Service that discusses “Small Groups”.

Life Groups (Small Groups) Grow The Church

Each group will be different and people will have a choice as to which group they want to be a part of. The details are yet to be worked out but this will be one of the educational pieces of OOTB Worship.




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  1. godw1nz #
    August 19, 2010

    Great article and this shows how we are all “ministers” in the field whether paid or not. We are called to BE and to MAKE! Some thoughts:

    1. Where will small groups meet? One concern I have heard is that the unchurched attending the new site may not feel comfortable with attending a small group, in a home, because then they might feel like they have to do the same thing and can’t for wahtever reasons.

    2. Please continue to weave this line of thought into US! ( small groups) As one who has attended small groups- I admit they ARE very binding, uplifting, and you form a sort of familial bond with those in the group. The Word of God is able to be taught and discussed over a longer period of time ( instead of the 40 minutes we have for SS) -we can jump in and get our feet wet! This IS exciting! Can you imagine a small group with teens, seniors and middle agers-like me? WOW! Now THAT would be a time of growth for everyone! WOW!

    3. After reading the article- I realized how many people we attend church with now-that I don’t even KNOW! We have a lot of new folks and there’s not enough time to greet them all. I can see where small groups can be very beneficial to the body of Christ.

    Keep posting! This is great dialogue!
    Be encouraged!

  2. August 20, 2010

    Where Life Groups will meet is still to be determined but I am sure homes are one place. I can also envision coffee houses and other venue’s.

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