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News – Timeline for Out Of The Box Worship Center

August 12, 2010



Immediately: Convene the Design Team

Immediately: Choose the Worship Leader

Immediately: Execute the lease agreement

Immediately: Invite people to be part of the Launch Team and begin to work in Small Groups with these people (missionaries).

When the lease is executed – begin work on the facility

Attend Church Planter’s Boot Camp: August 24-26, 2010

Present Budget to Finance: August 31st, 2010

Preview Services – these are services where many people will be invited along with the Launch Team to come and hear about the vision for this new Worship Service. It will be carried out much like any other church ministry service with a few changes.

October – Preview Service with a cookout

November – Two Preview Services either at FUMC Downtown OOTB Youth or at the Leased Property if it is ready.  The specific day of the week for these services are yet to be decided.

December – Three Preview Services will be held, again at the Leased Property if it is ready and at OOTB Youth otherwise. One of these services may be an 11pm Christmas Eve Service.

Official Launch of the New Worship Service – Sunday January 2nd 2011


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  1. Patti #
    August 13, 2010

    God is at work!

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